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"Breathtakingly unconventional

game landscapes.”


Frances Anderton, CA



Peggy & Brian, CA

"Priceless!  Thank you for creating and parting with this beautiful and functional piece of art."

"Each design is so singularly unique and imaginative."


Candice Cain, CA

"As an artist,  I appreciate  originality when I see it.  These stunning and unique chess sets are nothing like I've ever seen before."


Evelyn Quinn, CA

"Surprising, unique,

and full of tactile enchantment." 


Stephanie K Schwartz, CA


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"This is pure Art!  I'm in love and transfixed by each assemblage of unique landscapes with an ever-changing story to tell."


Tawny Dovico, CA

Photos by John D'Lugolecki, Osceola Refetoff & Cyrice Griffith

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