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Griffith Chess Designs is an award-winning line of exquisitely curated luxury chess and checker sets that blend a deep appreciation of traditional play and modern assemblage artistry.

Each creation is the only one of its kind, ensuring that you will own a truly original and exclusive piece of functional art. 

The artist - Cyrice Griffith - is passionate about art, architecture, and design.  She consistently reimagines the timeless games of chess and checkers in fresh, luxurious, and unexpected ways, breathing new purpose into rescued vintage, mid-century, and contemporary objects to yield one captivating work of functional art after another.

Whether looking to add to your art collection or for an exquisite gift - a Griffith Chess Design is a showpiece of functional art to add to the luxury home, executive office, or members club.

The Familiar Abstracted

Repurposed Refurbished and Remarkable
Showpieces and conversation starters


My Inspiration

a note from the artist

"Creating a meaningful gift for my son - who taught me to play chess - ignited my creative obsession.  I find endless inspiration in the beauty that emerges from repurposing and upcycling unexpected objects, imbuing each with new function as part of a cohesive composition for mindful play.  Each Griffith Chess (or Checker) set design is a labor of love months in the making. You will own a one-of-its-kind design, a work of art that invites appreciation."

– C Griffith

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