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Creating a meaningful gift for my son - who taught me to play chess - ignited this creative obsession. 


I find inspiration in the beauty that emerges when unexpected objects are seamlessly synthesized.
I lovingly craft each unique design by repurposing and up-cycling found objects, carefully merging seemingly unrelated elements into a cohesive composition that blends form and function.

Each distinctive set is a labor of love that sparks renewed inspiration to create the next.  I aim to create artwork that inspires its owners to take time to slow down and engage in mindful play. You will own a set that inspires you and others to appreciate the beauty within the intricate details of their one-of-its-kind set composition.



WestEdge Design Fair - MADE:MODERN

November 16-18, 2023

Features independent designers/makers of contemporary, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind furniture, lighting, and more.


June - present, 2023

baldwin art gallery 


May 18, 2023

United states Green Building Conference (USGBC)  MicroGrant Exhibitor

Mar 30-Apr 2, 2023

 The Other Art Fair Los Angeles 

 by Saatchi Art

September 9-18, 2022

CA 101 Art Show - presented by Friends of Redondo Beach Arts

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